Agora Gallery 2016 pressrelease

The nonfigurative, expressionist collages of Swedish artist Kerstin Lundin are as expansive as they are soothing, transporting the viewer into an ethereal realm rich in color and characterized by interesting compositional configurations of line and geometric form. Working in oils and mixed media materials, Lundin “builds” her paintings, allowing the image to develop and evolve in its own unique way. What results is abstract compositions that speak to the human soul and express the depth of all that’s contained within the interior landscape of the modern human.

With Lundin’s collages, the possibilities are endless, and one can approach the painting again and again and still discover new visual and emotive elements. Above all, Lundin wants the viewer to find a certain level of freedom in her work by which the viewer interacts with the piece to discover the meaning hidden within. When asked about her images, Lundin’s response is always the same: “Make up your own mind about what you see and feel.”

Kerstin Lundin currently lives and works in Taby, outside of Stockholm, Sweden.

Source: Agora Gallery